Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon Product Specs

The Problem

Activated Carbon is used globally to clean water and air. Most activated carbon, however, is produced from coal in highly polluting processes that create large volumes of air emissions and millions of gallons of wastewater. 

The Product

Aymium’s Activated Carbon products are organic, renewable and have greater purity and superior performance to coal-based activated carbons for purification of water and air. 

The Solution

Production of Aymium’s Activated Carbon results in less than 10% of the air emissions of coal-based activated carbon and does not create any wastewater. Produced from organic materials, Aymium’s products are engineered to be more effective at removing contaminants from liquid and gases. Aymium’s activated carbon products have been used by more than 75 cities across North America and have purified the drinking water for over 20 million people. 

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