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Aymium’s Products

Helping the world transition to environmental sustainability

Aymium is a pioneering environmental technology company creating products that reduce the environmental impact of metals, energy and crop production and also purify the air and water for millions of people.

Aymium’s Products

Aymium’s biocarbon products are proven in sophisticated global industries, including power, steel and silicon production. 

Icon representing metallurgic carbon.

Steel Production

metallurgical carbon

Aymium’s Metallurgical Carbon products are engineered to precise chemistry and sizing to immediately replace coal and coke in steel and other metals production without any capital modifications. Made using sustainably sourced recovered biomass, our products are carbon-negative, and their use results in higher-quality steel and metallics with reduced impurities.
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Bioenergy Carbon

Aymium’s renewable and carbon-negative Bioenergy Carbon products have equivalent energy values and combustion profiles to coal and may be used immediately in coal-fired facilities with no capital modifications. Their use significantly reduces carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and mercury emissions.
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Activated Carbon

Aymium’s Activated Carbon products are organic, renewable and have greater purity and superior performance compared to coal-based activated carbons for water and air purification. Production of our products results in less than 10% of the air emissions of coal-based activated carbon and creates no wastewater.
Icon representing agricultural carbon.


Agricultural Carbon

Aymium’s Agricultural Carbon products are engineered to have a highly developed pore structure, high surface area and high cation exchange capacity that holds nutrients and retains moisture. Their use in crop production results in increased yields, decreased input costs, reduced water use and minimized runoff.
Icon representing biohydrogen.

Sustainable Fuels


Aymium’s Biohydrogen is renewable, carbon-negative and less expensive to produce than commercially available hydrogen production technologies.